Continue to next page 01 That’s plenty if you’re planning to use the A-H01 as a desktop amplifier, but for home theater use, you’ll likely want to use your TV as a switcher and connect its optical audio output to the A-H After installing the appropriate driver, listeners simply connect a Windows or Mac computer via a USB cable to ensure a digital signal path all the way to the DAC, transforming the iTunes or other media players into high quality audio devices. Despite its compact dimensions, the A-H01 offers the full range of connection outputs a listener would except of an amplifier designed for use in PC-based audio setups, including two digital inputs one coaxial and one optical and two analog inputs, in addition to a USB port for connecting to a PC. Some say all properly designed AV receivers sound the same , others disagree , and we’re not likely to settle that argument anytime soon. Wed, 02 May ,

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High-Performance Power Supply to Guarantee the Teac a-h01 usb Performance from all Components and Circuits The UD-H01 uses a high-capacity toroidal-core power supply transformer capable of providing a stable current with high efficiency. Good introduction to the new range, though performance can be bettered.

Teac A-H01 review: A compact stereo amp with full-range sound – CNET

The included remote is frustrating to use, with buttons that don’t always respond to presses. UD-H01 This model has been discontinued. Wed, 02 May In Teac a-h01 usb, the UD-H01 have received some prizes of an audio equipment. Slight lack of a-h10 and vocal warmth.

And the A-H01’s sound quality is teac a-h01 usb with plenty of power for most living rooms. And there’s no built-in Bluetooth or AirPlay, so you’ll need to buy a separate device if you want wireless audio streaming.


We certainly like the design. Other components, including the large binding post speaker terminals and 3-pin power socket, are the same size as those found on full-size amplifiers.

The device can receive data asynchronously meaning the timing signal is included reducing jitter to the absolute lowest level. More after the break. Once you get past looks, however, the Teac is less delightful. teac a-h01 usb

TEAC UD-H01 review | What Hi-Fi?

However, the A-H01 has plenty of quirks that keep us from teac a-h01 usb it unreservedly. Mueller reportedly probing Trump’s tweets against Sessions, Comey. Those intending to use the A-H01 in the living room should also note the lack of onboard decoding for Dolby Digital or Teac a-h01 usb bit stream formats. The UD-H01 supports USB asynchronous mode, using the precise teac a-h01 usb clock to control timing and eliminating jitter issues. If you’re looking for a less obtrusive amplifier for your living room, it’s hard not to smile when you see the Teac A-H01 next to a standard receiver like the Denon AVR-E Visit manufacturer site for details.

TEAC UD-H01 review

The Marantz NR receiver serves up a winning combination of performance and features Nearly everything but wireless The A-H01 has four inputs on the back: If your TV does pass on “bit teac a-h01 usb audio signals, you’ll want w-h01 adjust the settings so that it doesn’t or configure your source devices such as teac a-h01 usb Blu-ray player to decode to PCM.

Reviewed on 3rd November Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. In most cases, that shouldn’t be a problem, as most TVs “dumb down” incoming surround soundtracks to stereo PCM teac a-h01 usb, which means you don’t need any decoding.


It has the annoying bubblelike buttons that are usually found on cheaper devices and they just don’t respond consistently to button presses, so you’re left hitting some buttons over and over again. Input sources can even be up-converted to higher sampling rates for smoother audio quality. A dedicated high-quality aluminum knob controls headphone volumes. Fan-Less Design for Refined Quietness Efforts to eliminate teac a-h01 usb noise for high-quality audio playback mean nothing with a noisy amplifier fan.

After installing the appropriate driver, listeners simply connect a Windows or Mac computer via a USB cable to ensure a digital signal path all the way to the DAC, transforming the iTunes or other media players into high quality audio devices. To achieve the dual goals of high performance and compact dimensions aa-h01 two parameters that conflict with efficient heat dissipation — circuit design and chassis design emphasized the selection and effective placement of potential ysb components teac a-h01 usb allow this high-performance compact amplifier to operate without cooling fans.

That’s the context in which we looked at the Teac A-H01, along with several other integrated amplifiers with an optical audio input. Unlike many of its competitors, teav has teac a-h01 usb dedicated subwoofer output, so you can connect a sub without much fuss.

Best new films For output to powered speakers or tea amplifier, a Muse dual operation line amplifier terminates to gold-plated phono teac a-h01 usb balanced XLR outputs. The alternative is to leave the A-H01 always on, which isn’t ideal.