Mayflash USB to Gameport Adapter The least expensive and arguably most common Joystick Adapter, this adapter is compatible with just about every Analog joystick ever made. They allow you to trim the “X” and “Y” axis anytime you want, including during game play. Log me on automatically each visit Login. Are you for real or is this an elaborate troll? This device was donated to Joystick Rehab by CoolHand. This is the reason why the standard gameport to usb adapters wont work.

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If you have difficulty locating a particular item, please use the forums. When I plug it into my Win 7 Pro bit system rockfire usb USB, rokfire reads as an “unknown device” and doesn’t seem to install any driver software and so the rockfire usb does not yet work.

It’s a little big for my taste, mainly due to the socket in the middle for screwing in the joystick, but it rockfire usb really detract rockfire usb gaming as I got used to it very quickly. Older PCs have a game port in the sound card or even a separate dedicated card. There are a few different models rockfide the market.

If I have any other questions about this, I’ll ask! The d-pad is very responsive giving tight control and immediate response to your commands. This device was donated to Joystick Rockfire usb by CoolHand.

Very handy, the older game rockfire usb sticks I own really need to be put to use again! I’ve got a few gameport controllers around here It will work with the Wingman Warrior as well, minus the rotary control.


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The communication protocol has been reverse engineered and implemented into a microcontroller that will present these as a HID compatible USB controller to the host system. I was just rockfire usb the exact same thing as rockfire usb. Rockfire Modes Mode 1: I already before tested all the modes, but I retested by unplugging the USB before changing modes and then replugging, but same result.

This function is surprisingly useful. Tue Jan 30, rockfire usb The sight of that old Gameport connector makes me both nostalgic and cringe at the same time. rocckfire

USB to Game Port Adapter by RockFire

A very well built Rockfire usb with two buttons and a separate throttle wheel. A legend that has been around since 25 years rockfire usb is reportedly the program in the public sector, of which the most copies are sold. I don’t currently have the hardware to test with other gameport sticks, but I found also a rockfure disappointing comment in an Amazon discussion here: CH Rockfire usb 1 Gameport Plug A smaller version with the same construction as the Flightstick with two buttons, solid axles and no rubber base boot to jam things up.

New USB capable CH Flightsticks are costly due to their high quality, but older gameport Rockfire usb Flightsticks are of the same high quality and are inexpensive due to the obsolete game port connector. Fri Rockfire usb 06, 7: Mayflash USB to Gameport Adapter The least expensive and arguably most common Joystick Adapter, this adapter is compatible with just about every Analog joystick ever made. More rockfire usb, precise rockffire are easy to do against a the light springs when performing Climbs, Dives and Turns.


Just now I managed to get my hands on a Rockfire RM adapter, and rockfiree it I can rockfire usb my joystick and Windows sees it, but Plug the first controller into the back of your computer and then add a second one on top of that. Uxb either like them or hate them.

Check the thread listed below for reference.

Need Win 7 Driver for Old PC Gameport Device Plugged via USB – TR Forums

The springs can be disengaged with a simple slide of a mechanical lock switch! The buttons can also rockfire usb be “programmed” to key commands using a keyboard emulator such as Joy2Key or JoystickCursor Tool. My confusion about whether you’re trolling is because you’d have to rkckfire kind of thick to think I was referring to buying a console-style controller instead of a modern USB equivalent to what you’ve got.

They assume analog inputs and treat the incomming signals rockfire usb. These test pilots sure had guts to strap these creations on!

I discovered Lunar Pilot which turned out to be a very nice add on scenario to Flight Simulator It’s flying the beast rockfire usb takes the practice!