The automatic BPM calculations are usually right-on with the exception of it often being halved 62 instead of , but there’s a quick fix and the program remembers. The left-hand side controls the samplers, with the knobs controlling the volume, and the buttons firing off the samples. I think this is a good value for someone who’s getting their feet wet in digital DJing. The Gain kill G , will momentarily silence the track entirely. Proudly Canadian since Momentarily pulls the cross-fader to the center position while pressed.

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The left-hand side controls the samplers, with the knobs controlling the volume, and the buttons firing off the samples. Connector 2 is the main out, and Connector 1 is the headphones. For the money, this is a fantastic, seamless, intuitive, and highly-portable all-in-one solution for cueing, mixing, looping, recording, and blasting digital tracks and mixes for hours on end – and with a minimal footprint and top-notch sound card, it even makes my studio sound better.

This is a hardware control, and changes will not be reflected in the Mixxx UI 15 Shift Alters the behavior of certain controls.

The lock button toggles Keylock on and off for that deck. When the track is stopped, the jog wheel seeks forward and backward in the corresponding track. These MIDI inputs are not used in this mapping. Translations of this page: No other products really come close. Not really a big deal, just restart the m-audko and keep going, except that is may make m-audil live shows a bit more stressful.


Very easy to make original mixes, ability to scratch on the road, only 1 usb connection to laptop allows you to play and cue songs through headphones.

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Click here to Contact Us Contact Us. Proudly Canadian since The first three knobs will control the first three parameters for that effect.

Holding both shift buttons while pressing either Sync button will cycle through the available modes at runtime. You can use it now with Mixxx 2. Rated 1 out of 5 by dghrael from Beware!!! All the way to the right sends only the main output to the headphones.

This works really great for beat matching and effecting songs for interesting mixing. M-Audio Torq Xponent overview. Some advanced or intensive operations and features may be limited by these hardware configurations and may require a faster computer.

M-xudio knobs will control the parameters of the effect that currently has the focus. Displays the current output level for the corresponding deck.

User Tools Register Log In. If the buttons no longer pulse brightly and fade down when you press them, then the Xponent is in the correct mode for use with Mixxx.

M Audio Torq Xponent Advanced DJ Performance/production System

This preference can be set in the config section of the M-Audio-Xponent-Advanced-scripts. This integrated solution opens the door to new techniques that are simply impossible with traditional DJ setups. The top xpojent controls the gain for that deck, while the lower three control the High, Mid, and Low EQ channels.


This behavior can be switched to behave as a master-out meter instead by setting the value m-audoi MaudioXponent. Having to drag and drop the song during a live performance is somewhat cumbersome vs other software that let’s you right mouse button and load to deck a or deck b. Rated 4 out of 5 by DJ MUS from Great for amateur and mobile dj the xponent brought me back to dijing as i retired 10 years ago from the business. People with little experience will not find Torq Xponent overwhelming, while experienced DJs will find many useful tools built right in.

So if youre ready to make the leap to the world of software-based DJing, youll feel right at home with Xponent. Rated 5 out of 5 by Freddy the 13th from Excellent item! If you require low latency as well as a lot of effects or time stretching, k-audio may want to run with the ASIO driver at the expense of the lights.