Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Technical support staff can use the application to fix software and hardware errors via remote access, rather than spending time explaining procedures to customers over the phone. Is it possible to start a remote control seesion on a PC without a console installation. Whenever I try to remote the client, the remote control clients crashes with this information: RC viewer – Core server name switch.

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It appears all other functions are working. Whenever I try to remote landesk mirror client, the remote control clients crashes with this information:. I would like to know how I can block other techs in my department from remoting into my computer without myknowledge or consent or how can I set something up to notify me when they attempt to remote landesk mirror my computer landesk mirror my consent.

It appears that you really have no choice when installing the client agent with Remote Control capabilities as to whether the mirror driver gets installed or not, is this correct?

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Right now the fix is to disable the LanDesk mirror driver. Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe. How do I fix dual monitor issue with LanDesk mirror driver?

If we do this we have latency issues when remoting to the pc landesk mirror LanDesk console. landesk mirror


Embed this content in your HTML. Remote Control session without Management Console. The memory could not be “read”. I had to uninstall my Agent and reinstall, which landesk mirror meant I had to access landesk mirror Web Console again to download files before RC was possible.

Application Popup Event Category: Any thoughts would be appreciated. Many thanks Regards Lionel.

Using the mirror driver

I have landesk mirror computers in a remote office that I would like to connect landesk mirror through the Gateway appliance. I have an issue where some of my clients return the error code “Unable to establish a secure session with the remote computer I upgraded to 8. I have a brand new tablet elitebook p that landek Windows 7 Pro installed on it.

landesk mirror Please enter a valid email. I would like to build an icon to put on the desktop so that when you open it, it will open the file that when you landesk mirror click the icon in the task tray i get the same remote control box with all the info in it because our end users have issues finding it in the task tray.

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Although my corporate office is pushing a GPO that doesn’t allow my Win Enterprise systems to have the lahdesk open. Remote Desktop problem with Windows 7 VM. I’ve tried various combinations of this and nothing is landesk mirror. There are no error messages. It worked for the first RC session. Why would the RC viewer not be able landesk mirror see the file?


I have even tried deleting the device and not installing it, and it still continues to pop up, sometimes even opening the landesk mirror control session.

Intel VGA driver v7.

I’ve had the user close the sessions unless I’ve contacted her first and it just keeps coming back. I have a lenovo t that is having an issue with the issuer. I’ve tried unchecking the settings within the agent configuration to not use the mirror driver under Remote Landesk mirror Indicators Agent Settings and then rolling out an agent landesk mirror, but this doesn’t seem to change anything.

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Keyboard and Mouse greyed out. Most of the desktops work fine but a few don’t connect to the current session and require the remote user to log on and create their own environment. I have Windows 7 and landesk mirror remote control machines.