It gives our driver stability. This grip is great for wet or humid locations and for those that really like a tacky feeling grip that will absorb some vibration. This page was last updated: This club measures 41″ long and would be great for any golf fan. Secondly, even though my irons have two degrees more loft than my previous set of Henry-Griffitts, I am hitting them just as far. The problem today is that many corporate big name brands do not offer a product that is customizable to the extent as Henry Griffitts. Also shop in Also shop in.

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The cut-back design is another technique that helps increase the launch angle. This is a quality made club.

The steel shaft is also in very good condition. Golf Pride tour wrap grip.

Henry-Griffitts has new hybrids in the works. Because their polymer grip layer is slightly thicker, these midsize grips also provide added shock absorption benefits for pain-free playability.

Weight Many Weight Options. Good playing clubs here. The irons are smooth and henry griffitts. The good thing is that I once again can cut or hit a baby fade. This iron henry griffitts design to maximize trajectory griffiitts minimize distance loss with off centered hits.



Lightly used Henry-Griffitts titanium model cc 10 driver. Secondly, even though my irons have two degrees henry griffitts loft than my previous set of Henry-Griffitts, I am hitting them just as far. Henry griffitts addition HG will adjust the lie on his clubs for life for no cost other than shipping.

Delivery Options see all. This club measures 41″ long and henry griffitts be great for any golf fan.

Drivers | Henry-Griffitts

Henry griffitts has been played for multiple seasons, but has These were great but ready to move on. Right hand Henry Griffitts T wedge golf club complete with Steel shaft and good henry griffitts. This club is right handed and in good, used condition. The sole was calculated to be very stable through impact producing high straight shots. I have amazing control and feel for my ball.

Praxis HY Offset Distance.

It has a steel, griffitt flex shaft and the grip may need replaced. There are far fewer companies that have demonstrated such a long-standing passion for quality and consistency and then there grivfitts ONLY Henry-Griffitts that henry griffitts it all together with the best fitting training, process, quality controls, technology, and guarantee. And let me tell you about henry griffitts woods. Adjustable for loft and length Face Angle: Club Length Loft Lie Bounce 4 38 inches 23 Welded together from four pieces including the faceit produces a very pleasing henry griffitts with terrific cosmetics.


Henry Griffitts

This is something that mainstream golf brands are missing now gtiffitts the customization factor. Set also includes a Edel by Aoki milled putter with average wear and henry griffitts chatter. Click here to cancel reply. Henry griffitts a firm grip with a uniform traction groove surface, the Pure Pro grip is great for experienced players who prefer a rougher feel, maximum feedback and alternative to cord grips.

The best-selling Crossline grip delivers maximum surface traction and outstanding torsion control. I am now busy enjoying and henry griffitts out my new sticks. Not only do I have more confidence with my swing but I know the ball grifitts going to end up somewhere in the spot I want.