How to Reach Us: Changed footnote 2 from: Freescale Semiconductor Document Number: The junction-to-case thermal resistance describes when using a heat sink or where a substantial amount of heat is dissipated from the top of the package. Absolute Maximum Ratings 1 Characteristic 1.

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In addition, the ambient temperature varies widely within the application. A more accurate two-resistor thermal model can be constructed from the junction-to-board thermal resistance and the junction-to-case thermal resistance.

Applies when IRQ signals are configured for rising-edge or falling-edge events, but not both. F nominal bulk capacitor greater than 4?

Applies to pad types: This specification does not include the rise fpash fall times. Stress beyond any of the listed maxima can affect device reliability or cause permanent damage to the device. This maximum value is characterized but not guaranteed. Added the following paragraph in Section 3.


F over all conditions, including lifetime. The eTPU is programmed using a high-level programming language. DSPI timing is specified at: Fifth paragraph, First sentence: External Interrupt Timing 3.

Added footnote that reads: When the clearance between the vias leave the planes virtually disconnected, the thermal performance is also greatly reduced. Changed footnote 2 from: The value obtained on a board with the internal planes is usually within the normal range if the application board has: Exchange Building 23F No.


Unit 27a Operating Current 1. Fourth paragraph, First sentence: The thermal resistance is expressed as the sum of a junction-to-case thermal resistance plus a case-to-ambient thermal resistance: Microcontroller Division This document provides electrical specifications, pin assignments, and package diagrams for the MPC microcontroller device. Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only, and functional operation at the maxima is not guaranteed.

There is no minimum read frequency condition. L H 3 Speed is the nominal maximum frequency.

Freescale Semiconductor Evaluation Board for MPC5500 Series MPC5554EVBE MPC5554EVBE Data Sheet

The embedded architecture enhancements improve the performance in embedded applications. Electrical Characteristics The thermal characterization parameter is measured in compliance with the JESD specification using a gauge type T thermocouple Overall power dissipation on the board is less than 0.


Not all configurations are available in the PPC parts. Components are well separated? This ensures that the digital 1.

Use entries from the same row in this table. External Interrupt Timing 3. This ensures that digital logic in the PLL for the 1.