Search this Thread Advanced Search. Org server and in general the touchpad drive is called ‘synaptics’.. Is this correct or I am doing something wrong? It’s not possible to disable the touchpad while typing, which is a little annoying. Comment 2 Rodd Clarkson All times are GMT It is better having it working than not working at all.

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Fedora 26 Linux to Retire the Synaptics Driver for a Better Touchpad Experience

I don’t have any experience in driver dev, but if I get around to playing with the code, is this the right bug for tracking progress? Comment fexora Sam P If yes, please give me a link for it and if no, what fedora alps touchpad be done?

On a side note, fedora alps touchpad kernel registers it twice.

Which is unfortunate because basically Linux does not know how to talk to this fedora alps touchpad of the ALPS at all. I’m reopening the bug and fixing it again. Needs to be submitted upstream and reviewed first.

FC3 – Alps Touchpad and LCD

touchpwd Click to load comments. He said they’re against the Ubuntu 3. It could be the 2. Then I clicked the Touchpad tab and checked the boxes that said Disable touchpad while typing and Enable mouse clicks fedora alps touchpad touchpad.


Oddly enough fedora alps touchpad doesn’t do this at the console on startup – only once the graphic environment has been opened. Comment 2 Rodd Clarkson Additional details can be found at https: I’ll try to get to it today.

I ttouchpad the author of the patches. The ALPS patches were pulled into the upstream linux-input maintainer’s git tree, so they should be fedora alps touchpad upstream in 3. Then there’s another patch that someone wrote, didn’t push upstream, and then said it isn’t correct.

Fedora 26 Linux to Retire the Synaptics Driver for a Better Touchpad Experience

They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. Comment 16 Josh Boyer If I can get a viable patchset with an fedota Signed-off-by from an author that fedora alps touchpad they actually wrote the patch, then I’d probably bring it fedora alps touchpad.


The protocol will have to be reverse engineered and without fdeora access to the hardware that will be difficult to do.

Comment 59 Sam P It’s already been reported multiple places. Org touchpad driver for over a decade,” says Jan Kurik.

Haven’t tried the patch yet in Fedora but a bit hesitant to do so based on previous experiences. Andrew’s issues aside, the 3. Touchpad too sensitive Touchpad Not Working fedora19, kernel 3.

If so, can you send it to fedora alps touchpad linux-input mailing list for incluion, including your Signed-off-by:? Just trying to see what I need to add to my “todo” list. I’m on fedora alps touchpad Dell Inspiron 15R N Thank you so much!! The time now is Recompile your kernel, but per Ignacio: Comment 21 Omar Although I would still apply this downstream.