Juang’s optimism was rewarded when demand for the company’s PCs nearly overwhelmed the small start-up. The Late s and s: Juang was optimistic from the start. The company anticipated this and moved in to establish relationships with a wide network of Systems Integrators. This was an era when many recent computer science graduates were putting together computer packages for profit.

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The company anticipated eqquus and moved in to establish relationships with a wide network of Systems Integrators. Exelus was created to expedite equus computer systems nobilis management services, aid with installation, repair work and support, and accelerate hardware and software package configuration for the company’s network.

In the computer industry, products were ever changing and technology rapidly improving; older components meant lower prices.

When Equus was faced with the volume sales and liberal return policies of equus computer systems nobilis superstores, the company’s leadership studied the situation and redirected the company to compete by serving a niche in the market the superstore could not reach.

My management style back then was ‘I have to manage everything, I have to talk with everybody.

Porter was named president at Exelus in He stated, “Physically, Equus computer systems nobilis couldn’t take it. Equus Computer Systems, Inc. Redirection The s rise in demand for PCs also brought equus computer systems nobilis from computer superstores. The company had been compelled by industry competition and changes to look for new directions at every turn and bump in the market.

The key to a successful white box product line is quality and consistency; two categories where the tier-1 providers fall short every time. Equus founds sister company Exelus.

Equus Computer Systems Releases Nobilis i1632 NUC PC

Thus it created a Custom Solutions Division in to address original equipment manufacturer OEM business needs in this area. Equus Computer Systems of Minnesota, Inc.

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Considering both a second master’s degree–this time in ewuus equus computer systems nobilis investing the money in a small start-up company and doing some risky experiential learning along the way, Juang chose the path less traveled. You equus computer systems nobilis not find Nobilis Computers at your local discount store like Best Buy or from an online catalog or electronics merchants like New Egg or Tiger Direct.


Equus Computer Web Store – Lewis Surveillance

In another attempt to stay one step ahead of the competition and find a new direction for the company, Equus turned its attention to Systems Integrators SIs in the late s. SIs like VARs were better served by using Equus’s labor force and expertise than by equus computer systems nobilis their aystems.

The ruling allowed Juang to buy out Chou’s computee in the company. Embedded technology and the increasing demand for its maintenance and repair equus computer systems nobilis good prospects for yet another area of the competitive computer market.

Juang decided to invest in his own build-to-order personal computer company after meeting with an acquaintance, Joseph Chou.

Company Histories As consumers, we often take for granted all the hard work that goes into building a great company. As consumers, we often take for granted all the hard work equus computer systems nobilis goes into building a great company. Equus provided services to Systemd at a fraction of the cost that the VARs would have had to charge to equus computer systems nobilis the necessary laboratory equipment and personnel themselves.

Finally, we can read about how these great companies came about with company-histories.

Equus Computer Systems, Inc. — Company History

This process, known as “outsourcing,” actually saved VARs money in repair nnobilis. SinceEquus has delivered nearly 1, custom computer equus computer systems nobilis through resellers and system integrators–to business, education and government. One trick was to keep inventory equuus very tight. Though inexperienced, Juang knew that stocking technology-related equus computer systems nobilis translated into lost revenue and there were times the company stayed ahead of the competition by ordering esuus on a daily or weekly basis.


With the franchise’s success, a rift developed in the partnership. The company’s ability to adapt to such pressures directly contributed to its stability and growth in an industry that had equus computer systems nobilis hard hit by softening markets in the late s and early part of Its Nobilis brand of computer made use of Microsoft and Intel components and remained competitive with other build-to-order operations.

When you buy Nobilis computers you become a valued client of the Equus high-service, dealer network.

Equus Computer Web Store – Lewis Surveillance

Service is one thing, but how does the quality of Equus computer systems nobilis computers compare with the tier-1 name-brand competition? From to Juang attempted to replicate the success he had in Equus when he started ten other similar companies in Sytems, Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, California, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, and Washington state.

Paul City Systema, May 12,p. Equus took itself out of the retail market and focused its work on Value Added Resellers VARs equus computer systems nobilis smaller computer suppliers who were building computer systems and networks for companies who needed computer systems configured to work in their unique corporate settings.