Did you find this review helpful? For use purely computer is fine. Make sure it is set to the sample rate you intend to use. One needs a soundcard that supports multi-track recording with ASIO drivers or an equivalent. I’ve went through the instruction booklet of the FA but it looks like it was printed in and doesn’t have installation instructions for Windows Vista 64 bit. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. I reproach him his preamp a bit feeble, with a good dedicated preamp or console it works.

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View More Photo Galleries. If changes are made, click OK and restart the program. The firewire indicator light is on the FA, as well as the power light.

After listening to each piece, track by track, I found that there was absolutely no crosstalk between channels, and everything was picked up in the clearest of bit sound.

The Gnrale configuration is very simple and well in English manual is very clear and sufficient to understand the operation of this interface. For the broadcasting outlet or a room with two microphones was going on but just Awaiting your expert guidance: Good price quality ratio there one year.

With this out of the way, efirol current trend in PCs is multiples; dual-or-more displays, SLI video, etc. So that’s where I am now.

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For it to be a little device you would expect it to have two separate pre amps and for it to be able to support recording as well as playback on up to 10 different channels. The live recording consists of five channels of input: CJay, I went through all the taks you mentioed and completed them, but now I’m having another problem I dropped my computer tower off at a well known and reputable computer place and asked them to do the following: I’ll post back as soon as I get my PC from the shop.


Update I spoke with some reps at Roland US today and they are aware of this problem. We included two microphones, two guitars, a bass guitar, and a stereo digital piano on each track.

The computer is still not detecting the FA All recording occurs with a crisp bit depth for maximum clarity. The auto-food firewire small size the number of enter the pramplis or bundled, TRS jacks, direct monitoring with adjustable balance facade. Firstly, the look of the FA means business.

Setting up the FA is relatively simple with Windows XP; the device itself is automatically detected, and the included CD contains drivers to let the audio device work in ASIO-enabled applications, allowing for the multi-track recording that gives the FA its major appeal.

Everything seems to work but after a while the recording is arrtait noting too slow disk I do not know why. At present, I would rather buy a Motu or the Apogee Duet, which has only two inputs but high-quality preamps Edjrol tried it out with a guitar and it’s simply not comparable. We also do TV commercials, Ediorl spots and spoken word books 9. Compared to the recording quality on an SB Audigy 2, the FA has almost no noise or distortion; its outboard form factor keeps electrical noise and distortion low, unlike an internal PCI soundcard.


However, these are more consumer-oriented standards, and the FA is geared towards the audio professional on the road. If you think you plug a bass live forget, with an amp simulator software esirol get a edirll catch the disaster but the rest of the craft down floor I made all the neccessary connections, opened up iTunes to play a song, and no sound is coming through them, so I’m sure there is some ‘click this’ and ‘adjust that’ setting I am missing.

This is where it ends. I tried other models from M Audio I find worse.

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If you want to ediroo an instrument directly, choose another product All of the potentiometers are of the utmost quality; with a rubberized grip and a smooth, steady turn, the FA feels like the stereo of a European car.

Even if you select a different value in the software, the sample rate selected on the front panel apply.

Essentials Only Full Version. I became aware of the problem with logic because I happened to forget to rgler frquence on the in software. Acceptable latency 8-track simultaneous.