As you can see in the gallery I am not a very good photographer. When performing basic 3D-rendering with only texture mapping and no other advanced features, ViRGE’s pixel throughput was somewhat faster than the best software-optimized host-based CPU 3D-rendering of the era, and with better 16bpp color fidelity. The company, founded in took the world of 2D accelerators by onslaught since with world’s first single chip solution. If only more people could overclock their Virge back then. And, despite its lackluster 3D-speed, the ViRGE did receive some S3D enhanced games, due in large part to the brand prestige S3 carried in this period: But even before you could see it ignoring some textures, like the track in Wipeout XL. So texturing problems with Direct3D are common, but lack of alpha-blending modes sink Virge even deeper.

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It is a good example of early 3D games.

File:Diamond Stealth 3D 4MB rev.A S3 Virge jpg – Wikimedia Commons

S3, along with other previously well-established VGA vendors in diamons PC market, were unable to adapt to the rapidly evolving PC diamond s3 virge graphics market, being relegated to sell into market segments where 3D graphics functionality was unimportant.

I understand why Falcon 4. And there also seems to be a limit to blending targets, causing some top texture layers to become transparent and opening holes, like in explosions above the water of Expandable, or see through surfaces in Motoracer 2. S3 Graphics diamond s3 virge processors.

As it did not seem to increase FPS I included the result anyway. These viirge ran steady at x diamond s3 virge x if you are lucky.

The price increased a lot for features not very valuable to gamers. VX is simply a black sheep of the family when it comes to overclocking.


Diamond PCI Video Card 2mb S3 Virge/dx 86C375

But even before you ss3 see it ignoring some textures, like the track in Wipeout XL. Introduced in by then graphics powerhouse S3, Inc.

Hard to say, 60 ns ain’t much, but the card just freezes before any artifacts appeares. I did not test other models with 2 MB memory because diamond s3 virge limited compatibility with my games.

VGA Legacy MKIII – Diamond Stealth 3D (S3 ViRGE)

I don’t know exactly what d3d driver horrors S3 caused back then, but many stories of bugs and lack of optimization were heard. Weapon is drawn quite poorly and there is also the Z-fighting in top right corner. Diamond s3 virge get more games working with 2 MB configuration I changed some settings, for example disabled Z-buffer in Battlezone.

Glass surfaces are not transparent, ghost diamond s3 virge in Viper Racing is not transparent. From the exclusive ones stands out one popular title: In February S3 organized S3d developer conference, hosting more than software and hardware developers. Whenever modulated alpha occurs Virge throws in a towel diamond s3 virge renders whole alpha texture as opaque black. And Virtual cockpit in Flight Simulator is not textured properly.

However, realtime 3D graphics rendering was new and unfamiliar territory for S3 and many of its hardware competitors.

Gaming at x is just unreachable dream, or torture if you diamond s3 virge. Retrieved from ” https: Hopefully performance differences will remain the same with newer chips as well.

When performing basic 3D-rendering with only texture mapping and no diamonf advanced features, ViRGE’s pixel throughput was diamond s3 virge faster than the best software-optimized host-based Diamond s3 virge 3D-rendering of the era, and with better 16bpp color fidelity. Problem is also with EDO burst mode, it may not always be used depending on a type of memory operations. Overclocking headroom makes it hard to believe that it works in single cycle mode, on the other hand the card really does not seem to be as bandwidth limited as it should be with diamond s3 virge cycle mode.


With the successful launch of the Sony PlayStation home game-console, pressure was diamojd the PC market to incorporate hardware that could compete in the area of realtime 3D graphics rendering, something that software-based host-CPU rendering could not do on its own.

But when additional rendering operations were added to the polygon load such as perspective-correction, Z-depth fogging, and bilinear filteringrendering throughput dropped to the speed of software-based rendering on an entry-level CPU.

File:Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 4MB rev.A 1996 S3 Virge 325.jpg

Otherwise, if diamond s3 virge for a particular game is missing, then it did not run with 2MB at all. Techland developed Crime Cities which came with wrappers for diamond s3 virge graphics card without OpenGl support. Of course architectural limitations still apply and dynamic lighting is only monochrome. Only Grim Fandango goes ballistic with 4 MB and that is not exactly a game you have to play accelerated. The action was fast diakond simple, texture mapped graphics mind blowing and with an urgent feeling of witnessing technological innovation.

Sometime no detail reduction helped and Wipeout just freezes.