The Sound Blaster Extigy Quick Start is a high-quality professionally-designed utility which answers all questions step by step about all connectors and modes of the Extigy. The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. Great sound improvement Even a little old to find the firmware this dac will make your listening experience very pleasent just by bypassing it trough USB to miniplug Verified purchase: The remote control is simple and clear, buttons are easy to press, and it’s possible to navigate easily even in the dark, for example, when you watch DVD movies. However, there are some problems, namely pops, with positioning of sound sources of the Extigy, especially in the nearest zone. On the other hand, the first version of the USB bus standard doesn’t very suit for music composing or 3D games, especially under the Windows ME. However, behind the codecs are buffer operational amplifiers which adjust a signal with a load and protects the codec from overload, and different discrete elements, including feed-through electrolytic capacitors.

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Other than the Creative and Cambridge speakers mentioned above, the Extigy should be used with only surround-sound computer speakers since they have the correct analog inputs.

For most of users a hardware decoder in the Extigy is not more than just creatiive interesting fact as any decent program Creative labs sb0130 player can decode into 6 ceative both DolbyDigital 5. However, practically, one should be fine.

Creative Soundblaster Extigy SB0130 Sound Blaster

The ASIO is not supported, though there are such drivers from other developers and, according to Creative, they will zb0130 get the Extigy creative labs sb0130. And this arrangement works extremely well.


The MIDI creative labs sb0130 will be a welcomed site creative labs sb0130 your musicheads. System requirements According to Creative, you must have the following things to install the Extigy: But anyway, for Creative soundcards you’d better choose 48 kHz creativve the digital output to avoid unnecessary resampling and problems of synchronization when a digital signal is transferred.

Do not be carried away by the results.

The ASIO is not supported, though there are such drivers from other developers and, creative labs sb0130 to Creative, they will soon get the Extigy support. Just insert the disc into the drive and it will take just a couple of seconds for the auto scanning to group all available media files into folders according to extensions and names.

Additional utilities on the CD Creaative Stream Recorder is a utility that captures and records an audio stream in case of broadcasting via the Internet, creative labs sb0130 example, when you are listening to radio stations.

Very good in detail Very good results! However, creative labs sb0130 record device is monophonic. Second Encounter and Unreal Tournament creative labs sb0130.

Obviously I was very impressed with the Ceeative. That, too, was fine. The digital optical should please any PS2 or Xbox owner, creative labs sb0130 the latter. This is a basic mode for any sound card. The measurements were carried out under the Windows ME. With this external sound lsbs attached via USB, your computer can send and receive audio to and from MiniDisc players, DVD players, home-theater systems, surround-sound speakers, microphones, guitars, MIDI drum machines, and almost any other audio device you can think of, in digital, analog, or Dolby Digital surround sound.


Unless you’re a Mac user, in which case you’re up the creek. The utility works with any cards of the Live!

Very good in detail In this mode the Extigy performs very creative labs sb0130. For listening to multichannel games, DVD movies and Internet radio with the Extigy it’s necessary to provide: This plug-ins work with considerable time delay so we suppose that the sn0130 except reverb have software nature like Winamp’s DSP plug-ins.

See details for description of any imperfections. Music does come from the center and creative labs sb0130 satellites but the stereo panorama gets worse. Video 3Digests Video cards: Considering the variety of uses for the Extigy, the ease of use, and creative labs sb0130 many features, there’s not much going against it. Obviously, if you’re watching a DVD then you’re not doing much creativd.


WaveStudio is a pretty respectable stereo Creative labs sb0130 editor, with onboard effects plus automatic compatibility with whatever DirectX plug-ins you have on your system. The beauty of the Extigy is that it can be used with any type of computer laptop or desktop or other sound source and generate the high quality output creative labs sb0130 in the Audigy cards.

Again, if you have a laptop with a DVD player, but only a headphone output, this thing will let you enjoy full-blown surround sound. Firstly, it’s an innovative and albs product.