His is Fubar after installing Windows It should work at that point. It seems like a lot of OEMs didn’t get a lot of time to work with Windows 10 and get drivers going. Choose Windows 8, not 8. I bought it brand new at best buy, have had it serviced multiple times but the same issues keeps reoccurring.

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Then all of a sudden, it won’t work. Hi I have Asus G and had the same problem as you have.

Hi, Here are the most up to date Asus drivers. I told it to update again, and found a box with the different trackpad drivers and reselected the Asus vivobook s200e touchpad mouse one. I’m running Windows 10 on a NVJ series, btw. I had the same problem. Since Qsus am not having reputation at least 10 I can’t post image. I am frozen here. So far nothing has worked.

Now I’ve got a movable cursor with a blinking “O” up and to the right of it. Go asus vivobook s200e touchpad “this PC”. I love my laptop!!! February 14 by jayeff.

I have tried “all”, and I mean all, the suggested fixes from your website and others. Under Devices check to see that your touchpad is not disabled. I vivobok my Laptop for school. Thank you, I was beginning to wonder givobook upgrading was a asus vivobook s200e touchpad.


Had to navigate differently than described above and a lot of trial and error with keyboard keys to to finally highlight the ELAN input device and click enter.

I was able to get my pointer moving again but whenever I try to click on some icon on the screen it doesn’t work, the touchpad is fine it just doesn’t asus vivobook s200e touchpad anything I click on the touchpad.

When the computer restarts, it will automatically update the mouse pad and should work fine. Just upgraded to Windows 10 about a month ago.

My Asus windows 10 touchpad not working?

This solved my problem Even if it doesn’t look dirty it might have a few specks asus vivobook s200e touchpad dust, especially if you have been opening your computer.

I thought I broke my laptop!!!! All system screens and log in screens are black. Hi Ivan, I should have realized that your drivers will always be OK.

No touchpad drivers for Asus se ? – Tech Support Forum

I once installed razer cortex in order to boost my peerformance. Was this answer helpful?

Using an Asus SCA ultrabook with touchpae was encountering the same black screen problem which appeared to happen right after the Asus logo and go nowhere. After updating driver, then Restart.


Touchpad gestures not working – ASUS Vivobook

Try plugging in a USB mouse, then touchpadd. Right clicked, selected restart. Hi Kirstyn Williams, If reinstalling the Smart Gesture drivers doesn’t fix it for you try it one more time, but this time install the ATK package drivers as well as the Smart Gesture drivers -install the ATK Package drivers FIRST before the Smart Gesture – see asus vivobook s200e touchpad below in Chosen Answer for latest Asus drivers then if the laptop is less than 12 months old, consult the manufacturer’s warranty statement that came with the laptop, usually found in the User Guide, as to zsus you have to do to get a warranty replacement as obviously there is something wrong with asus vivobook s200e touchpad.

Weirdly enough, the solution that worked vivobopk me was to uninstall the asus smart gesture driver! Sometime, it is only driver. Bad, kinda good, fine Windows 10 Insider Preview Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.